About us: what is Gizmo XXI anyway?

Doug Lay and I (Bill McConnell) teamed up in July 2020 — since the silver lining of the pandemic has been time to pivot. And since there's fun to be had in designing shirts and other items — and if it isn't fun, why bother — we agreed on the name Gizmo Twenty One and set up shop. Vintage products and sci-fi, magazines from estate sales, and an occasional nod to favorite books or cult movies inspire the mishmash of imagery, so don't read too much into it — enjoy! 

Doug has blazed a trail in marketing and SEO over the years, and enjoys a good challenge. He's been the voice of reason on business decisions, while also sharing his enthusiasm for old music technology and retro design.

I've been a designer (graphic and industrial) for many years. I've found that some of the most intriguing design walks a fine line between old and new, or a twist on the familiar. Science fiction often places bits of styles and culture into new context. Gizmo also takes that approach. It may not make sense, but it looks cool so we run with it.